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Journey through six destinations with Explore Italy Navigator, Claudia Sirchia and @OnTheBed_Project, and discover delightful breakfast experiences On The Bed in Italy’s most luxurious hotels and resorts.

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Experience the Ever Fascinating Eternal City

  • Breakfast 2 - LM Rome - breakfast on the bed
  • Breakfast 1 - WR - breakfast on the bed
  • Breakfast 1 - Parco - breakfast on the bed

Venture to Italy's Fashion Capital

  • Breakfast 1 - Diana - breakfast on the bed
  • malpensa-sheraton-on-the-bed
  • Breakfast 1 - WM - breakfast on the bed

Experience the Heart of the Renaissance Era

  • Breakfast 1 - STR
  • Breakfast 1 - WF

Live the Luxury of the Wonderful Portopiccolo

  • Breakfast 2 - Falisia - breakfast on the bed

Escape to the Picturesque Italian Dolomites

  • Breakfast 2 - Bolzano - breakfast on the bed

Witness the Natural Beauty of Lake Como

  • Breakfast 2 - Como

Meet Claudia Sirchia

Claudia Sirchia is a food and travel photographer based in Italy’s sunny south, Sicily.

Focusing on Italy’s rich and famous culture of cuisine, through @quellaclaudia and @onthebed_project, Claudia is one of the leading content creators emerging in the peninsula that through inspiring photography and stories that intrigue, is bringing the very best of La Dolce Vita to the world.


Everyday a New Journey Begins at Breakfast

Be inspired by the journey around Italy savouring delightful breakfast experiences served On The Bed.

Select below what you find most tempting and begin your very own On The Bed experience.


Breakfast 2 – Bolzano – gallery
Breakfast 1 – WR-gallery
breakfast – wm – gallery
Free 1 – Parco – gallery
Breakfast 1 – STR – gallery
Breakfast 1 – Malpensa – gallery
Breafkast 1 – Falisia-gallery
Breakfast 2 – LM Rme – gallery
Breakfast 1 – Diana – gallery
Breakfast 2 – STR-gallery
Breakfast 1 – WF – gallery

Discovering Italy with a New Perspective

After indulging in a delightful breakfast experience On The Bed, it is time to discover each and every wonderful destination featured in this incredible journey, from Florence to Come, from Rome to Portopiccolo.

As you embark on your On The Bed experience, be inspired to create your own new and exciting perspective on the destinations you visit. To start, find inspiration below.


Destination 2 – Falisia–gallery
Destination 1 – Diana-gallery
Destination 1 – Como-gallery
Destination 1 – WR–gallery
Destination 1 – Bolzano-gallery
Destination 1 – WF-gallery

Breakfast On The Bed

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