How does an Italian Day look like on a terrace?


Live an authentic Italian experience: pamper yourself with breath-taking views on one of our splendid terraces in dream destinations while living the Dolce Vita in all its facets. Start the day with a Cappuccino & Cornetto in Rome and finish it off with a typical Aperitivo in Milan and Italian specialties “al fresco” on the stunning seaside of Costa Smeralda.

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For a perfect start into the day

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  • breakfast-the-gritti-palace
  • breakfast-the-westin-europa-regina

Discover how our guests started their day on our terraces


A terrace lunch to revitalize

  • Restaurant Sesto on Arno Terrace
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  • Terrazza Gallia Terrace
  • winter-garden-restaurant-st-regis-florence
  • Restaurant Doney Terrace
  • gazebo-cristallo-hotel-cortina-dampezzo
  • Aqvi Pool Deck Terrace
  • la-cusina-restaurant
  • Kincho Churrascheria Terrace
  • the-gritti-terrace-the-gritti-palace
  • Barbeque restaurant-Hotel Romazzino-T
  • Cliff Slim Terrace-Falisia Resort & Spa-T

Afternoon Break (ital. “Merenda”) on a terrace



An Italian invention to experience where it tastes best


See how our guests enjoyed their Aperitivo


A terrace dinner for romantic evenings

  • Terrazza Danieli-Dinner-Sunset
  • Pitrizza Restaurant-Hotel Pitrizza-T
  • Club del Doge-The Gritti Palace-T
  • Ivory Terrace-Westin Palace Milan
  • Kincho Restaurant-Lake Como
  • Floating Table-La Cusina-Venice-Westin Europa Regina
  • Pescatore Restaurant-Hotel Porto Cervo-Costa Smeralda
  • Restaurant Rinascimento Terrace-Sheraton Parco-T

How do Italians eat their meals?

Find out more about the Italian habits regarding their meal periods and the do’s and dont’s when visiting Italy.

Quick Italian Breakfast

Traditional breakfast in Italy is a quick process – a Cappuccino or Caffè (also called Espresso) with a Cornetto or Brioche (the Italian version of a Croissant) either plain or filled with different jams, chocolate or custard. This often happens at one of the many little bars on the way to work standing up at the counter – in many places the coffee is cheaper as when one sits down. Find such a traditional breakfast at Café Doney in Rome or at The Lounge Bar in Milan.
On the weekends in the big cities you will also find brunches, which often are more lunches than breakfast with rich buffets, such as the Aqvi Restaurant brunch in Rome or the Terrazza Danieli brunch in Venice.

Extensive Lunch Breaks

Lunch in Italy is a very important meal period, traditionally it was the most important meal of the day and still is in some areas of Italy, mostly on the countryside. On Sundays lunches can be long and very rich with several courses, containing a starter (antipasto), a primo piatto (in form of pasta or risotto), a secondo (with meat or fish served with vegetables or salad) and a dessert, often fresh fruit. Experience your business or leisure lunch during the week or on the weekends at Terrazza Gallia in Milan or at La Cusina Restaurant in Venice with dedicated offers on sophisticated terraces.

The traditional lunchtime in Italy is around 1 pm, when life used to shut down until 4 pm. Nowadays, this phenomenon is reduced to little cities and villages and not seen any more in the big cities.

Mid-afternoon snacks

In Italy, the afternoon break is a so-called riposo and comparable to the Spanish siesta. It is a break in the afternoon after a big lunch to unplug, have a coffee or a gelato, and then go back to work with a recharged body and mind. Refresh yourself at the Gritti Terrace on the Grand Canal or have a coffee at the Sesto on Arno Bar with the perfect view over Florence.

Bear in mind that Italians take their afternoon coffee without milk, the cappuccino, caffè macchiato and caffè latte are reserved for the morning ritual, not for after a meal.

Typical Italian Aperitivo

The concept of Italian Aperitivo is said to be invented in Milan in the 1920s. It is a social gathering to unwind after a day’s work paired with refreshments taking place daily between 7pm and 9pm in most of the major cities and towns in Italy. Try the fashionable Hclub>diana garden for an authentic Milanese aperitivo experience.

When talking about Aperitivo, Italians do not mean Happy Hour in the traditional sense. Aperitivo is not a discount, often beverages are sold even with a surcharge to compensate for the snacks or buffet. The food provided in some cases replace dinner, as buffets can be extensive.

Late Dinner Time

Dinner normally is lighter than lunch in Italy, however can also be very extensive with five courses on a weekend evening.

Even though restaurants already open at 7pm, Italians start their meal commonly not before 8pm, in the south of Italy it can get quite late, around 10pm. Awaiting you already at 7pm, Club del Doge offers a unique candle light Grand Canal experience or starting at 8pm Il Pescatore Restaurant provides a full immersion into the sea world.

Explore an Italian Terrace Day

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