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Italy through the eyes of The Bucket List Family

Follow Jessica, Garrett, Dorothy and Manilla on their journey through Italy. After selling all their belongings in 2015, the Gee-family started a travel adventure around the world. From Fiji to Dubai and Greece, it was time to Explore Italy and experience ‘La Dolce Vita’ in Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice.

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Explore Italy by train on a 10 days journey to the most beautiful destinations of the country. From a visit to Milan’s football club AC Milan, to the Florentine ‘Mercato Centrale‘, a pizza workshop in Rome and gondola rides in Venice, follow The Bucket List Family on a unique experience through Italy.

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Shopping and Soccer in Milan

  • the-bucket-list-family-milan-san-siro
  • the-bucket-list-family-milan-galleria-vittorio-emanuele
  • the-bucket-list-family-milan-dorothy-shopping
  • the-bucket-list-family-milan-duomo
  • the-bucket-list-family-milan-dorothy-galleria-vittorio-emanuele

Food and Art in Florence

  • the-bucket-list-family-florence-jessica-and-kids
  • the-bucket-list-family-florence-garrett-and-dorothy-ponte-vecchio
  • the-bucket-list-family-florence-manilla-jacuzzi
  • the-bucket-list-family-florence-jessica-and-dorothy-mercato-centrale
  • the-bucket-list-family-florence-dorothy

Gondola rides and 'Amore' in Venice

  • the-bucket-list-family-venice-kids
  • the-bucket-list-family-venice-pigeons
  • the-bucket-list-family-venice-gondolas
  • the-bucket-list-family-venice-bridges
  • the-bucket-list-family-venice-watching-gondolas

Pizza and History in Rome

  • the-bucket-list-family-rome-pizza-workshop-sheraton-roma
  • the-bucket-list-family-rome-pizza-workshop
  • the-bucket-list-family-rome-coliseo
  • the-bucket-list-family-rome-villa-deste-tivoli
  • the-bucket-list-family-rome-drinking-water
  • the-bucket-list-family-rome-piazza-navona

Make this journey your own and discover our best family rates in Italy

Travel now with your family in Italy

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Italy with The Bucket List Family

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