Unique Journeys

Travel is all about creating unique memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve created a wide range of unique travel journeys each of which is designed to ensure that your next trip to Italy is full of the most unique experience possible. Enjoy everything from Yachting in Venice, Epicurean cooking school, world class spas to enjoying the most spectacular Italian pools or the best terraces in Italy.

Malpensa Crossroads

We wanted to overturn the concept of the airport as a "non-place" highlighting one of its main peculiarities: the crossroads of stories and emotions that crowd the gates every day and that live among the looks of travelers.
two person doing champagne cheers

Tastes of Festive Season

Embark on an epicurean tour to discover the culinary traditions in Italy during the Festive Season, experiencing a real journey through the authentic and gourmet flavours of the Italian cuisine.
Santa Maria del Fiore Florence

Be my Cicerone

Two content creators, one unique destination: a journey through art and history to celebrate Florence and its treasures from two different points of view

The Venetian Way

Romantic, spectacular, opulent: Venice is a unique city that has enchanted the whole world. How to explain this today, without falling into the classic postcard cliches? We tried to rediscover this city creating an uncomplicated itinerary, that blends both unusual places and hidden gems of La Serenissima.
brown and white concrete building with black ceiling

Milan's Reinventions

Geometries, perspectives, art, history: a visual journey through a surprising city and its thousand facets through the eyes of eight local Instagrammers
man and woman holding each other

Romance in Rome

A journey to discover the most fascinating and unusual places in Rome, without forgetting the iconic attractions that have made it famous all over the world in the company of two international globetrotters
woman sitting on green grass while facing forest at daytime

Girls Love Hiking

A wonderful story of empowerment from Cortina d'Ampezzo: we invited Meg Kee, one of the founder of the collective Mountain Girls and photographer Zach Allia to experience the wonders of Italian Dolomites, at Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Cortina d'Ampezzo.
white lighthouse under golden hour

Nunquam Derelicta - A visual journey to discover the spirit of Venice

Venice is an universally recognized beauty that relives every day through its traditions, rituals and cultural legacy. This is our tribute to La Serenissima and its suggestions, colors and wonders through the eyes and the words of eight local Instagrammer.
field of green leafed plants

The Zero Centimetres Journey

An itinerary to discover the flavors and traditions of Catania and the wonders of the Horto in the company of the international food blogger Veruska Anconitano

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

– Anna Akhmatova