Unique Journeys

Travel is all about creating unique memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve created a wide range of unique travel journeys each of which is designed to ensure that your next trip to Italy is full of the most unique experience possible. Enjoy everything from Yachting in Venice, Epicurean cooking school, world class spas to enjoying the most spectacular Italian pools or the best terraces in Italy.

Unveiling Florence's Magnificence

Understanding the magnificence of Florence is a courageous act that involves knowing how to look beyond postcard images and mass tourism. We asked six Instagramers what it means to live in Florence and breathe every day the air and spirit of the Italian Renaissance Capital. And we discovered a city capable of marveling its inhabitants every day.

Liberty by Diana: a walk through Belle Epoque in Milan

A journey to discover the most authentic identity of Milan, through the sinuous lines, the floral decorations and the seductive colors of the nineteenth-century buildings that stand around the district of Porta Venezia.

The Lake Como Experience

Beauty and romance: a journey through the legendary villas of Lake Como.

From Rome with love

On the anniversary of the foundation of the Eternal City, we embarked on a visual journey accompanied by seven top Instagrammers who live and tell Rome every day.

Sheraton Club Lounge

Elevate your stay and enjoy the Sheraton Club Lounge that provides you with comfort and exclusive privileges all around the clock like complimentary breakfast, snacks, beverages and free Wi-Fi.

Four Points Best Brews

Explore Italy tasting local craft beer with Best Brews. Enjoy beer tastings when on vacation or traveling for business.

The Gritti Epicurean School

Learn exceptional Venetian recipes, discover seasonal products from the Venetian lagoon and Executive Chef Daniele Turco’s recipes and culinary creations.


Aperitiviamo with a view! Discover the best locations in Italy for the famous Aperitivo, either by the beach, overlooking the historic city centers or with a stunning mountain panorama.

Explore the best Summer pools in Italy

Live your summer dream by the poolside. Enliven your senses and dive into unique pools in the most inspiring and charming locations around Italy.

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

– Anna Akhmatova