Unique Journeys

Travel is all about creating unique memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve created a wide range of unique travel journeys each of which is designed to ensure that your next trip to Italy is full of the most unique experience possible. Enjoy everything from Yachting in Venice, Epicurean cooking school, world class spas to enjoying the most spectacular Italian pools or the best terraces in Italy.

Unlocking Venetian Craft

The Gritti Palace paid homage to the current guardians of ancient crafts with a series of interviews with some of the most appreciated artisans who continue to contribute to Venice’s artisanal story.

Destination Milano

Rich of historical monuments and magnificent contemporary galleries, “Milano” will guide you into a lively experience, made of unparalleled beautiful spots, high fashion and tasteful culinary experiences.

Uncovering Scarpa with The St. Regis Venice

In response to the interiors of St Regis Venice paying homage to this groundbreaking architect, we have talked to six extraordinary experts to introduce us to Scarpa’s visionary magic in order to explore his iconic legacy and uncover his genius.

Savour the Good Life

A midsummer journey with a hip couple of international globetrotter to unveil the chic side of the Eternal City among romantic spots, Art and picturesque corners.
Skyscrapers in Milan Unicredit Tower

Step Into The Scene Of New Milan

A journey with international content creator Olivier Wong discovering the spirit of new Milan. A city with a constantly evolving energy cought between extraordinary make-overs and urban renewal and a charming tension between tradition and innovation, past and future.
Sunset on Lake Como

A Journey Lakeside

A three-days itinerary with content creators Mochila Monkey looking for the perfect romantic escape on Lake Como, amongst breath-taking sunsets, iconic Villas surronded by the lush green, fine tastes and a very special cozy retreat.
The golden hour in trieste at Canal grande with the Joyce's statue

The Golden Hour

Discovering the sweetest hour of the day in the company of five local sunset hunters who have immortalized some of the most beautiful corners of Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and Trieste
Summer holiday fashion concept - tanning woman wearing sun hat on a wooden pier view from above

Italian Pools

Live your summer dream by the poolside. Enliven your senses and dive into unique pools in the most inspiring and charming locations around Italy.

Malpensa Crossroads

We wanted to overturn the concept of the airport as a "non-place" highlighting one of its main peculiarities: the crossroads of stories and emotions that crowd the gates every day and that live among the looks of travelers.

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

– Anna Akhmatova