Discover the Riva Yacht Experience at The Gritti Palace

Explore the lagoons of Venice aboard your private Riva Yacht; a true expression of Italian artisan skill. The ultimate way to experience the city from the iconic The Gritti Palace.

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This experience is available from

April 15th – October 15th 2019.

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Scroll down to explore the rich heritage of these two iconic brands and the unique experiences to explore an authentic Venice aboard our made to measure riva yacht. Exclusively for The Gritti Palace guests.

The Experience
Arrival of Il Doge

The Arrival of Il Doge

The Gritti Palace is delighted to partner with The Ferretti Group to offer the Riva Yacht Experience. An experience like no other with the brand synonymous with elegance, status and perfection worldwide since 1842.

Explore the northern and southern lagoons to reveal the beauty of the archipelago’s heritage and timeless panoramas with one of our most curated experiences.

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  • Full day tour, 8 hours, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm: €2,300 (VAT included)
  • Half day tour, 4 hours, 10.00 am to 2.00 pm: €1,300 (VAT included)
  • Half day tour, 4 hours, 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm: €1,300 (VAT included)


  • Reservation is required
  • The Riva yacht experience is available only to hotel guests of The Gritti palace
  • The service is seasonal and weather permitting
  • Experience includes captain services
  • Leica Trinovid HD binocular
  • Maximum capacity is 6 guests
  • No Grand Canal itinerary included
  • Refundable cancellation within 24h
  • Service unavailable on Mondays
  • No in- and out- bound transfers are available
  • An additional 30% rate is charged for nighttime excursions
The Making of a Riva Yacht
person screwing screw

The Finest Personalization

The name of a boat cements the complete personalization of each Riva yacht. ‘Il Doge’ has been handcrafted exclusively for The Gritti Palace. Riva Yacht has always prided its hallmark as offering unmatchable quality, the finest craftsmanship and the latest in innovation. Read on to discover the making of our Riva yacht.

person holding cutout wood

It's All in the Detail

Aquariva has become the symbol of Riva’s modern elegance and unique style and has met with great success on all continents, just like the legendary Aquarama. Expert shipbuilders know that the soul of a boat comes from the raw materials used to make it. That’s why Riva always uses only the best materials, and knows their secrets. Here a craftsman works on the boat to ensure the most perfect finish. Read on to learn more about the finest materials.

paint brush brushing wood

Only the Finest Materials

The Aquariva Super reflects Riva’s natural stylistic evolution from the past to modern times. The soft, stylish lines fully embody a sense of tradition. Here the fine, skillfully crafted timber – mahogany with maple inlays – is crafted for the deck. The finest craftsmanship enhances the pleasure of cruising on a timeless, classical yacht, offering unmatched comfort and emotions. Read on to explore the sourcing of our materials.

person polishing oval wood

Absolute Quality

Every wood has its soul. Using only the finest materials, ash, mahogany and maple come together to form a sleek, elegant finish. The wood of ash trees is widely used in shipbuilding because it’s sturdy and yet light and flexible. It can exceed thirty meters in height during the two centuries of its lifetime. True mahogany is cultivated in tropical America and the West Indies, while maple comes from Italy, where eight types grow wild. This is, the making of… The Riva Yacht.

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The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice

Occupying a prestigious setting on the Grand Canal, The Gritti Palace was built in 1475 as residence of Doge Andrea Gritti. A leisurely short stroll from Piazza San Marco, the imposing palazzo awards rare views of Santa Maria della Salute.