Italy through the eyes of The Bucket List Family

Follow Jessica, Garrett, Dorothy and Manilla on their journey through Italy. After selling all their belongings in 2015, the Gee-family started a travel adventure around the world. From Fiji to Dubai and Greece, it was time to Explore Italy and experience ‘La Dolce Vita’ in Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice.

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Watch the video and explore our galleries to learn more about traveling in Italy with The Bucket List Family.

Explore the Destination

Explore Italy by train on a 10 days journey to the most beautiful destinations of the country. From a visit to Milan’s football club AC Milan, to the Florentine ‘Mercato Centrale‘, a pizza workshop in Rome and gondola rides in Venice, follow The Bucket List Family on a unique experience through Italy.

Are you ready to take your family on the same adventure? Get inspired by our gallery below.

two men holding black and white Garrett 10 jersey beside woman

Meeting Franco Baresi

Shopping and Soccer in Milan

A visit to ‘Casa Milan’ and tour of their facilities was one of the highlights in the city. From discovering the history of the club, to meeting the clubs idol Franco Baresi, receiving a signed jersey, Garrett was ready to join the team.

More About Casa Milan
woman hugging her children inside subway

A Family Stay

Shopping and Soccer in Milan

When travelling to Milan with family, there is no better place than The Westin Palace. Centrally located, right next to a beautiful park, it is your perfect starting point to discover this unique city. Explore Milan with our kids program.

The Westin Palace
girl standing in front of glass wall

The Capital of Fashion

Shopping and Soccer in Milan

A part from the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, there are many other districts in Milan to discover the world of shopping. From Viale Montenapoleone to the artisan shops in Brera, there is a lot to discover.

More About Shopping
group of people feeding pigeons near gray concrete building during daytime

My Milan

Shopping and Soccer in Milan

If you get to know Milan, you can only fall in love with the city. Discover more about this unique and fascinating destination with our SPG members from the secret Milan to a Maserati drive around the city and Monza.

Explore Milan
girl standing in the middle of building

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery

Shopping and Soccer in Milan

When in Milan, you can’t miss the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, one of the cities most famous landmarks. Here’s where you can wander around, just steps from the Milan Duomo and feel why Milan is called ‘the fashion capital’.

Things to do & see in Milan
woman playing with toddler near river

Prime Location

Food and Art in Florence

The Westin Excelsior Florence is located just along the Arno River, a few steps from the famous Ponte Vecchio and the many beautiful sights of Florence. Florence as a perfect size city, is ideal to be explored with kids.

Florence by Bike
man and girl sitting on concrete bench in front of bridge at daytime

Ponte Vecchio

Food and Art in Florence

The famous Ponte Vecchio is one of the most famous sights in Renaissance Florence. Although walking over the bridge at least once is a must, you can admire the best views from the bridges Santa Trinita or Ponte alle Grazie.

baby beside white textile at daytime

Private Pool

Food and Art in Florence

At The Westin Excelsior, children get some extra fun when enjoying the private hot tub on your balcony of our Penthouse and Belvedere Suites. Enjoy unique views over Florence and the Tuscan hills from your private terrace.

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woman carrying girl on market

Food Shopping

Food and Art in Florence

The ‘Mercato Centrale’ is Florence’s most famous food market and a true paradise for everyone who loves food. From fresh fruits and vegetables to meat and cheese, there is so much to try and to discover.

Mercato Centrale
two men holding black and white Garrett 10 jersey beside woman

More in Florence

Food and Art in Florence

In Florence, there is also a lot to discover outside the center. From the views down from Fiesole to the artisan workshops of leather and linen, to the picturesque tours around. Choose from your perfect experience in ‘Bella Firenze’

Explore Florence
two girl and boy sitting on stairs near body of water

Little Venetians

Gondola rides and 'Amore' in Venice

The Westin Europa & Regina Family program is your ideal starting point to explore Venice with kids. Let your little ones feel like true Venetians and disover the Westin Family program.

Family Excursions
man carrying girl in front of brown concrete building

St. Mark's Square

Gondola rides and 'Amore' in Venice

What would Venice be without St. Mark’s square and the pigeons? One can love or hate them but they truly make Venice unique. And for children, feeding the birds while they sit on your head and shoulders is a fun experience.

Top 10 to do & see in Venice
man and woman carrying children while sitting on boat

Gondola Rides

Gondola rides and 'Amore' in Venice

What is Venice without a ride on the famous gondolas? We know they are an expensive experience but it should truly be on your bucket list. There is nothing more romantic and cheesy but it’s just: wonderful!

Venetian Gondolas
Grand Canal, Venice

416 Bridges

Gondola rides and 'Amore' in Venice

Did you know that Venice is made out of 118 islands and 177 canals connected through 416 bridges? Try to walk them all, either on your own Venetian discovery or the famous ‘Su e Zo per i ponti’ (en: Up & down the bridges) in April.

Districts of Venice
woman sitting near black rail and boat

Acqua Alta

Gondola rides and 'Amore' in Venice

There is one thing everyone should experience at least once: Acqua Alta in Venice. When the streets and squares are flooded and Venice is getting even closer to the water, the reflections of the old palaces and buildings in the water are just unique.

Flooding the romantic way
man and woman sitting on bench holding two children

'A Pizza'

Pizza and History in Rome

When in Rome, you must try the typical Roman Pizza. And at Sheraton Roma, the Bucket List Family got their private pizza class to learn the secrets of Italy’s most famous dish. Enjoy more in Rome and discover our hotel.

Sheraton Roma
girl and boy standing beside white wooden table during daytime

Pizza & Pool

Pizza and History in Rome

From the Pizza class to diving lessons in the pool, Watch the video of how The Bucket List Family spent their time in Rome and how much fun they had making ‘a pizza’.

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Coliseum, Rome

The Coliseum

Pizza and History in Rome

Coliseum or Colosseum, there are many ways to spell the Favian Amphitheater in the heart of Rome. When visiting, buy your tickets at the Palatin hill as you will find a shorter queue and tickets are valid for all 3 attractions on 2 consecutive days.

Things to do & see in Rome
two girls standing near on the rock facing the water falls

Surroundings of Rome

Pizza and History in Rome

While Rome truly needs more than a weekend to be discovered, if you travel with family you sometimes want to escape the bustling city and here the Lazio area is just perfect. Discover the ‘castelli romani’ or ‘Ville d’Este’ in Tivoli.

Explore Tivoli
girl drinking water on faucet

Dealing with the Heat

Pizza and History in Rome

When visiting Rome during the summer months, it can get really hot in the city. One solution is escaping to the beaches at Ostia, only 30min drive from Rome but the city offers free drinking water via thousands of fountains around town.

Fountains of Rome
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Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center

Ingenuity and intuitive service make our hotel a favored place for meeting, socializing, and relaxing, with an innately Italian flair.

The Westin Excelsior Florence

With the Piazza della Signoria and Uffizi just steps away, The Westin Excelsior, Florence sits at the center of Florentine culture. Browse boutiques along the Ponte Vecchio, have an espresso at a local café, and enjoy the best Florence has to offer.

The Westin Palace, Milan

Our downtown location is convenient to the city’s famous shopping and monuments. This historic luxury hotel is an elegant and sophisticated meeting point for business and leisure travellers alike.