Step into the Scene of New Milan

Constantly evolving energy: that’s the spirit of the new Milan, which is becoming more and more an engine for innovation, a laboratory for civic engagement, and an inspiration for new models of urban sharing and co-existence. This spirit was our basis for inviting Olivier Wong, an international photographer and content creator, and entrusting him with a very specific assignment: to capture the city’s charms and ambiance, combining its constant tension between tradition and innovation and the mix of extraordinary make-overs and urban renewal. Here’s where we glimpsed the real soul of the new Milan.

An advanced urban renewal project.

Milan is full of energy and is constantly evolving through new forms of experimentation. It's a city that is both a political role model and a redevelopment, rediscovery, and acceptance project. A city that continues to re-shape its own urban appearance, in a continuous push and pull between past and present, re-discovery and progress. The Porta Nuova district and its most iconic skyscraper, the Unicredit Tower, provide the perfect example. An architectural masterpiece - the tallest skyscraper in Italy - it was designed by a team of world-famous architects and connects the Garibaldi and Isola neighborhoods, which are two of the city's liveliest districts, with the Varesine neighborhood.

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Bosco Verticale Skyscrapers Milan

A courageous and inspired model of sustainability.

Sharing economy, connectivity, environmentally-friendly measures, careful urban redevelopment, and recycling regulations: over the past few years, Milan has become the highest-performing smart city in Italy, and a role model for the whole country. Milan is a leader in the digital transformation process, as well as in making buildings more energy efficient. The two skyscrapers known as the Vertical Forest (Bosco Verticale) are the most iconic examples of this process: designed by the architects Boeri and inspired by the idea of bringing green back into urban centers, this project bolsters animal and plant biodiversity.

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Transformation and new ways of socializing.

Milan's social fabric was revitalized through an urban transformation project inspired by a new model of co-existence and integration. The Milanese model is an inclusive, future-oriented model that focuses on improving the opportunities, accessibility, and progress the city offers to new generations. The result: a metropolitan area destined to always remain connected. One example of this is the City Life project, born out of a renewal project for the historical Fiera neighborhood by architects Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, and Daniel Libeskind. It's not just a project that revolutionized the urban skyline; it also created a unique space for meeting and sharing, providing a service to the city.

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A journey from past to present, without answering to continuity.

From industrial masterpieces to the Duomo’s Gothic spires and Liberty-style blossoms: Milan’s architectural history is diverse and characterized by solemn atmospheres and landscapes worthy of an authentic, central European capital. Few other cities in the world can successfully combine past and future, innovation and tradition, experimentation and progress, while remaining unequivocably themselves, like Milan does.

A Milanese Classic

There is a deep and inexplicable connection between the city of Milan and its highest and most popular symbol, the Duomo. A magnificent building, built in white pink marble from the quarries of Lake Maggiore, this Cathedral represents the most ambitious Gothic masterpiece in Italy. And to really appreciate all its beauty, it is highly suggested to visit the terraces of the Duomo, from which you can admire a panoramic view of the city including the adjacent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and let yourself be conquered by the architectural complexity of the Spires.

More than a grey and cold city

The new urban physiognomy and the architectural experiments have been the engine of an even more complex change: the perception of the city itself. Urban redevelopment has involved green areas in the first place, such as the iconic Sempione Park, where tourists and citizens spend hours of relaxation, sports and exploration. A green oasis always connected, where adults and children can play or visit the Sforzesco Castle and its solemn courtyards and museums.

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Olivier Wong

Photographer and Content Creator

I am Olivier Wong, a photographer specialized in landscape, urban and travel photography based in Paris, France. Born and raised in Reunion Island, I started photography when I settled in Paris in 2013 to work as an engineer. My passion for photography grew over the years as I wandered in the capital city and traveled around the world. Even if Paris is my main source of inspiration, discovering new places, immersing myself in local culture and capturing unique moments from my perspective have consistently fascinated me.

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