Welcome to Venice

Venice is a magical casket to be admired not only from a gondola since, even on foot, you can make pleasant discoveries. We tried to rediscover this city creating an uncomplicated path off the beaten tracks, which ends up in a delicious itinerary with a taste of world-famous local flavors and traditions.

Strolling around the hidden beauties of Venice.

Venice is a one of a kind masterpiece of hidden spots and refined architecture and each step up and down its bridges, from a sestriere to another one or simply wandering through its well-known calli, is a great discovery: enjoy our vibrant itinerary, that blends both unusual places and hidden gems of La Serenissima. From these unusual corners, a surprisingly uncomplicated city emerges, revealing its most authentic essence.


Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

Our itinerary begins with an iconic Gothic palace, which has crossed five centuries of Venetian history. Towards the end of the fifteenth century the Palazzo was enriched with a bizarre spiral staircase – hence the name “bovolo”, which in Venetian means staircase. The Palazzo is located in a strategic position, halfway between Rialto, the economic heart of the city and Piazza San Marco, the political heart of Venice. An architectural jewel that develops on four floors, with an overlap of styles and decorations that for centuries have impressed the imagination of the Venetians.

Calle Varisco

After crossing a maze of narrow streets, Calle Varisco, with its 53 cm width, holds the record of the narrowest street in Venice. We are a stone’s throw from Campo San Cancian, in the Cannaregio district, halfway between the Rialto bridge and the Fondamenta Nove and, if on one side the street faces the Rio dei SS. Apostoli Occhio, on the other, leads onto the Campiello del Pestrin.

Be careful, however, finding it is not very simple because, not being the tourist area, it is not highlighted on the maps. Just ask the locals who, surely, will be able to provide useful instructions to reach it.

Sottoportego dei Preti

The sottoporteghi are among the most typical urbanistic elements of Venice: they are in fact connecting passages between streets or other streets carved directly into the body of a building.
The Sottoportego dei Preti is linked to a mysterious Venetian legend. The story tells that once a fisherman named Orio lived here and he fell in love with a syren named Melusina. Unfortunately, she was hit by a curse: every Saturday indeed, she turned into a snake. Orio and Melusina got married and had three children but after a few years Melusina died. In fact, according to the legend, Melusina was turned into a snake and every day she returned to her beloved’s house to help him keeping the house tidy. In memory of this love story a red heart was placed where the house of the two lovers was located. It is said that whoever touches the red heart realizes the dream of love within the year and this is the reason why this place is particularly loved by lovers.

Sottoportego Zurlin

Another sottoportego, also linked to a mysterious Venetian legend.
It is located in the Ruga field and is the sottoportego Zurlin, simply the lowest in the city, under which only the little ones can pass. The court Zurlin, reachable through the sottoportego, is a place full of mystery and legends: a doctor said he was called by the daughter of a sick woman but, according to the legend, he seems to have seen the ghost of the same girl, who had been dead for a month.

M9 Museum - Fondazione Venezia

Venice not only lives suspended in the past, but also faces the future with dynamism and ambition. The M9 Museum is a shining example: designed to be a cultural center with exhibition spaces, media library, educational areas and services to the public, the Museum is a courageous work of urban regeneration led by Fondazione di Venezia, destined to establish itself as a point of reference for the city and a place for debate about modernity in all its forms.

Tasting Venice’s authenticity on a bacaro-tour

The true essence of Venice comes out at the end of the day, when the locals gather together, crowding the bacari and the taverns to taste the delicious cicchetti and drink Spritz. Taste some of the most famous Venetian specialties such as creamed cod, polenta, but also vegetables, cheeses, seafood, paired with the most famous Venetian aperitif. A daily ritual in which Venice discovers an authentic, lively sociality in a relaxed and simple atmosphere: essentials done right!


Point: a culinary journey of simple pleasures

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An uncomplicated stay

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An uncomplicated path

Follow our vibrant itinerary and discover some of the most unusual gems of Venice

Meet Giulio Pugliese

The photographer who accompanied us during our tour to discover the wonders of Venice.

Giulio Pugliese

Giulio took his first photo at the age of 10 and from there he didn’t stop, turning his passion into a job. Specialized in London, where he discovered street photography, he now lives in Rome.

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