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Etna Volcano in Catania

Enjoy Sicily on Tour

Four Points By Sheraton Catania offers the chance to discover the wild and pristine beauties around Catania from a 360° perspective.
Festival of Saint Agata in Catania

Saint Agatha, the Iconic Religious Festival in Sicily

Discover one of the most impressive religious festivals in the world: the feast of Sant'Agata, patron saint of the city of Catania, is a unique mix of faith and folklore that every year involves hundreds of faithful.
Mountain Covreted With Snow With Green Pine Trees At Daytime

Winter sports on Volcano Etna in Sicily? Now your dream come true

Let’s discover a unique ski experience on the Sicilian volcano slopes. This is the feeling you will get by choosing the Etna volcano, one of the most unexpected winter sports destination in Italy , surrounded by black lava and soft white snow.
white ceramic teacup with ice cream

Food Traditions in Catania – 5 Foods You Absolutely Must Taste

Food traditions in Catania often represent a complex mix of cultures. From the famous wines to the beautiful scenery and the delectable food, everything in Sicily seems to have more taste, more color, and more intensity. Discover the top 5 traditional food that you can't miss while in Catania!
water fountain in the middle of building

Sicily's largest church: the Monastery of San Nicolò L'Arena in Catania

The Monastery of San Nicolò L'Arena is categorized among the largest monasteries in Europe. It is located in the historical centrer of Catania, Italy. UNESCO recognizes it as a World Heritage Site. Currently, it hosts the Humanities Department of the University of Catania.
top view of village

Saint John festivity in Catania: a celebration of religion and folklore

Every year, on June 23rd and 24th the local community in San Giovanni di Galermo is gathered as a sign of devotion and spirituality to celebrate the Patron Saint John the Baptist in a mix of religiosity and folklore.
body of water

Catania: the land of Myth

Catania is not just the second largest city of Sicily but it is a meeting point of ancient history and epic legends that date back to the times of the Myth.
two champagne wines in glasses

Explore Italy's Wineries

Home to a wide selection of great wine-farms, Italy is a key destination when it comes to wineries.
Christmas tree stands near building

Christmas in Catania: explore the vibrant scene of Festive Days in Sicily

Sicily is an island of well-preserved traditions, and Christmas time in Catania will be a wonderful opportunity for you to experience the centuries-old popular traditions of this town.

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