The Uffizi Museum in Florence: history and masterpieces

Set in the heart of Florence, the Uffizi Museum in Florence offers a priceless collection of art, including Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Piero della Francesca.

July 19, 2018

There is an amazing experience when you step your feet at the core of Florence inside the Uffizi Museum. The impressive artifacts, paintings, and many collections found here have become the world’s heritage of all times. The Uffizi gallery leaves one with a lasting memory with the works of art preserved there.

The History of the Museum

The building was built by Giorgio Vasari (a renowned painter and architect of the time) for a few years beginning in 1560. He connected the building to the residence of Medici family with an extended corridor. Francesco I de’ Medici entrusted the building in 1574 – still under construction by then.

The building was completed successfully in 1580. Francesco I was the first person to store his collections of paintings, bronzes, statues, cameos, etc. He stored them at the rooftop, which he had converted into his private gallery. The extensions of Uffizi continued and a theater was finally built.

Uffizi is the most famous Florence project. The museum attracts over a million tourists to view the more than 100,000 paintings led by the world renowned painter, poet, and sculptor, Michelangelo.

The Most Famous Paintings

The paintings in the Uffizi Museum are astounding and one is overwhelmed when making a selection. However, from the range of the masterpieces, the most famous ones are captioned below.

The Birth of Venus

This is an ecstatic story of the goddess of Venus’ arrival at the shore. The painting portrays the perfect illusion of the goddess with profound Latin literature. The masterpiece of credibility, Sandro Botticelli, is the brain behind the art (1482-1485). Visit the museum and be drawn closer to the space of art.


This painting is like no other. It brings you close to end of history with heavenly ambiance radiating the story. The choice of color, texture, and the pose brings to your face the real picture of humility by both the Angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary. What an amazing gift for you from the Uffizi gallery.

The Duke and Duchess of Urbino

Piero Della Francesca (1416-1472) is the brain behind the painting. The painting shows a romantic gesture of deep concern. The outfits of Federico da Montefeltro and his wife, Batista Sforza, are the perfect definition that will sparkle the taste of art in you.

Lucrezia Panciatichi

This is a portrait that interacts with you with features of thought and courage. Agnoli di Cosimo is the craft man behind the outstanding painting on the wall of Florence project. The project is from the year 1545. Give yourself a treat by sharing a memorable stare at this painting.

Madonna and Child

Madona and Child is a painting that engages your soul to a nostalgic family life. The least you can do is to resist the pull it draws you to, of genuine feeling of care and love. Filippo Lippi painted this work believed to have been done in 1450-1465.

Isabella Brant

Here you will find elegance and a royal touch of colors’ perfectionism in Isabella Brant paintings. The look will stir all the memories in you about your visit to Uffizi. This work was done by Peter Paul Rubens.


At Uffizi, there is no shortage of whatever you need. There are over 100,000 paintings and sculptures of all kinds. The Vasarian corridor is beyond description but an evidence of the works of art. A visit to the museum satisfies your need for art. Similarly, there are more than 30 top of the range hotels for your reservations and free WiFi around Rome. The local Museum will offer the rich history behind Uffizi.

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