In Love with Italy: a travel guide for romance lovers

Nestled between glimpses of natural landscapes, rich of monuments and immortal memories, Italy knows how to wear its most fascinating and seductive dresses to give its beauty to visiting couples with romantic scenography of other times.

February 13, 2020

“We are the heart of Europe, and the heart will never be the arm or the head.”

Italian journalist and writer Leo Longanesi defines Italy as the heart of Europe. Deriving its name from the Greek “italos” (bull), Italy is a peninsula, whose shape traditionally recalls a boot. Nestled between glimpses of historical and natural landscape, rich of monuments and immortal memories, Italy knows how to wear its most fascinating and seductive dresses to share its beauty to visiting couples thanks to its romantic scenery and breath-taking landscapes. From the famous cities like Florence, Rome, Venice to the fascinating Trieste, Milan, Como and Cortina, Italy is a real travel experience to dedicate to romantic love, beauty, music, art and flavor.


Photo Credits: David Núñez


Despite its undeniable charm and some of its similarities with Paris, Rome has never had the reputation of a city for lovers, but it would have full rights. Is a simple coincidence that, in Italian, the anagram of Rome is Love? The truth is that this city is the perfect frame for passionate loves and stolen kisses.

The Eternal City is a sparkling of alleys, history, monuments, panoramic climbs and breathtaking viewpoints. Take a walk to the Pantheon or around Trastevere, and get lost among the narrow streets that make up the intricate maze of alleys, Take a sit on an outdoor table in one of the typical “osteria”, adorned with colored tablecloths and savor tasty local dishes such as carbonara and gricia.

Every couple cannot miss a walk hand in hand through the majestic streets of the historic center and admire the solemn elegance of Via Condotti, Piazza Navona or Piazza di Spagna. After all, every corner of Rome is romantic, even the less known routes or the most hidden gems.

The best spots for a couple experience: Il Campidoglio, a place that seems out of this world, located on the homonymous hill; Giardino degli Aranci, where you can admire the sun while hiding between the buildings of Trastevere and the trees of the Gianicolo; The extraordinary Trevi Fountain; Il Parco degli acquedotti.



Over the years, Milan has undergone so many changes, becoming one of the most avant-garde cities of the peninsula from all points of view. Among appetizers, fashion, design and parties, Milan became a dynamic city that never sleeps and its nightlife is one of the most exciting in Europe.

Milan has a lot to offer for those looking for the right romantic atmosphere; you cannot miss a walk through Navigli, one of the most iconic places in the city. Characterized by a non-conformist and vintage flair you will find all types of bars, nightclubs and cafés to choose from. If you are a shopaholic, Milan is one of the world’s most renowned shopping destinations, with thousands of designer stores, unique boutiques and outdoor markets, making it the perfect destination for getting through your wish list. Piazza Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the picturesque views of Parco Sempione, behind the Castello Sforzesco and Brera district are perfect places to live unforgettable moments together with your sweet half.

The best spots for a couple experience: Terraces of the Cathedral, the romantic city place par excellence; Arco della Pace, symbol of the city surrounded by greenery; Belvedere of Palazzo Lombardia, located on the 39th floor, open for free on Sunday; and finally the Pinacoteca di Brera, where you can admire Hayez’s “The Kiss”.


Photo Credits: Cristina Gottardi


Overnight the snow comes floating down and in the morning, the world is white.

If you have not decided yet the location for your romantic getaway let yourself be pampered by the peaceful atmosphere of Cortina D’Ampezzo, surrounded by pure air thanks to its high altitude position. Known worldwide as “the queen of the Dolomites”, for decades Cortina has been the sovereign of one of the most prestigious naturalistic areas in the world, appointed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The perfect mix of sport, tourism, culture and romance.

If you are looking for climbing or hiking experiences, you can’t miss the highest famous peaks of Cristallo Mountain Range: Monte Cristallo (3,221 m), Piz Popena (3,152 m), Cima di Mezzo (3,154 m), and Cristallino d’Ampezzo (3,008 m). Plus, Cristallo is one of the best ski areas around Cortina. There is no better place in Europe for couples who love mountains and skiing.

Among the most suggestive refuges, you can find Rifugio Croda da Lago, located at 2,046 meters above sea level. It is the crossroads of numerous mountaineering routes and for this reason, it can be reached in many ways, depending on the experience and training of each climber. Nothing is more romantic than a warm embrace sitting near the fireplace, while snowing outside.

The best spots for a couple experience: The secret of a romantic holiday in Cortina? An escape among the mountains in a picturesque refuge on the most suggestive Italian peaks. The main refuges are Croda da Lago, Cinque Torri and Biella. They will make unforgettable your trip in Cortina.



Florence is the city of a charming series of beautiful or tormented love stories among lovers from all over the world. Defined as the cradle of the Renaissance, small and graceful, Florence is a real theatrical show of tales and stories from Italy, where the passion for life echoes in the air. The city offers living paintings of beauty such as the views of the historic center, the Lungarni, the unmissable Ponte Vecchio, famous worldwide for the love padlocks and perfect spot for a romantic walk, hand in hand.

Florence presents a collection of suggestive and romantic atmospheres that ranges from medieval towers to majestic Renaissance palaces, from solemn churches built in black and white marble to picturesque medieval alleys that will welcome you with local delicacies, including the famous Florentine steak.  The beautiful panoramic views from Piazzale Michelangelo enhance the corners of the city with extraordinary scenery in an enchanting atmosphere. The harmony of colors sounds and lights will transform every place into fairytale corners.

The best spots for a couple experience: The Boboli Gardens, an open-air museum full of wonderful sculptures; the fragrant Giardino delle Rose; Piazzale Michelangelo, a terrace on Florence; Ponte Vecchio, where to leave your love padlock; a boat ride on the Arno, on the waves decanted by Dante.


Photo Credits: Clay Banks


The city of Trieste has a troubled past. Since the ancient Romans era, it has represented an important and strategic bridge between the western and central-southern Europe. This crucial role allowed the city to be the first coffee importers in Italy, so much that today Trieste is considered the country of coffee.

Take a sit in one of the many historical café in the city center and take a step in the past, follow the footsteps of poets and writers who have trampled the ground of the city. Thanks to its charm and beauty, the Friulian capital was a source of inspiration for writers such as James Joyce, who in his collection Letters of James Joyce wrote “my soul is in Trieste”; Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba.

You can breathe art, history and elegance from its panoramas. Trieste is a unique city able to offer moments of authentic romanticism to everyone chooses to visit the city with the sweet half.  A gem of rare beauty set in the Gulf.

Take a walk hand in hand through the refined buildings, among the streets of the center and let yourself be enveloped by the poetry that surrounds the city.

The best spots for a couple experience: Molo Audace, where you can hear the sound of the sea; Miramare castle; the Napoleonic road, the best choice for a walk in a panoramic position located at 350 meters above the sea level. Last but not least the Grand Canal, the center of the city.



Romance is at home in Venice. The light that changes with the passing of the hours, the clear midday brightness, the sunset or the dark of night: scenarios able to change the perception of the colors of the facades of buildings and to create infinite chiaroscuro on the loggias of the buildings and on the facades of the churches.

In this fairytale frame, everything you see in the city turns into love, managing to make a breakthrough in everyone’s heart, seducing also the most demanding couples. The magic of the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, the famous Piazza San Marco with the majestic Basilica and the famous Bell Tower are the ideal setting in which you can collect memorable moments with your sweetheart and take photos that will boost your Instagram feed. And if you don’t have an itinerary, it doesn’t matter: the beauty of Venice can be enjoyed simply by getting lost in the colorful labyrinth of narrow streets and bridges.

The Lagoon of Venice and its small islands offers suggestive panoramas for romantic boat trips.  Think about the dramatic sunsets over the lagoon or moonlights reflected in the water of the canal and illuminate the silent night city: is there anything more romantic?

The best spots for a couple experience: The small island of San Giorgio Maggiore, where from the bell tower you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and romantic views in the world; The Acqua Alta Library, the most beautiful bookstore in the world, the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge and the Academy Bridge to enjoy suggestive sunsets.


Photo Credits: Ekaterina Zagorska


Since the Romantic era, Como is one of the most romantic and beautiful city in Italy, a small jewel nestled between the lake and the hills.

When in Como, you can’t miss the majestic Lake if you want to taste the real Italian romance and beauty. It is not a chance that this is the favorite destination for thousands of honeymooning couples from all over the world.  Positioned in a convenient location, a short distance from Milan, Lake Como is one of the most picturesque corners of Italy, surrounded by dramatic peaks, charming villages, and majestic villas with lush gardens.

In the evening, the city takes a note of unexpected romance where you and your sweet half can admire the stars lakeside near the fishermen’s boats. In this suggestive location, you can go up the funicular to Brunate and you will see a paradisiac place full of great charm. Take a walk hand in hand with your half about the suggestive walk of lovers, a pedestrian path that leads to the center of Varenna. Here, is possible to admire the lake, the mountains and the colorful houses perched, offering you one of the most picturesque sceneries in the world

The best spots for a couple experience: Como offers a great variety of options for all the couples searching for the perfect romance getaway.  You can plan an itinerary to discover the ancient villages – Cernobbio, Bellagio, Varenna – and exquisite Villas around Lake Como, such as Villa Erba, Villa Carlotta or Villa del Balbianello: a real journey through time and a celebration of colors, peaceful atmospheres and enchanting views.

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