Murano Glass Factory

Murano Glass has been known for its luxury for many years all throughout Europe. Some of the finest palaces around the world have chandeliers hanging in their halls.

March 13, 2018

Discover Murano Glass in Italy

Murano is a gorgeous town within the Venetian Lagoon. Glass blowing is an art form and the commercial port has been producing stunning pieces as far back as the 7th Century.

What Makes Murano Glass Famous

Murano Glass has been known for its luxury for many years all throughout Europe. Some of the finest palaces around the world have chandeliers hanging in their halls as a mark of being as ornate and as luxurious as they could.

Through the years, they have taken into consideration technology, and have added smallto, aventurine, gemstones, and more into the glass. The century-old techniques are still being employed today, and there are plenty of different items to choose from.

The reason it is so famous is because of the extreme care that is taken with every piece. They have a long history of making glass in Murano and there are many artist studios found throughout the island.

Shopping for Murano Glass

The “Vetro Murano” trademark should be on everything that you purchase so you know that you are indeed taking advantage of the excellence of the name. You can find the glass in the form of not only chandeliers, but also wall lamps, vases, jewelry and much more.

Many of the local artisans create contemporary glass art, figurines, wine stoppers, and plenty of other souvenirs.

Ultimately, you want an amazing souvenir of your time in Italy, and what better way than to take a trip to the small town of Murano. It can allow you some shopping time for hand crafted glass so you can remember your trip.


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