Top Attractions

We’ve carefully curated a collection of the best travel attractions across Italy. From the epic Colosseum, Piazza della Signoria in the heart of Florence, to the other worldly villas of Lake Como you’ll be sure to find something which makes your next trip to Italy a memorable one.

white house beside of trees

Villa Erba

A jewel with ancient frescoes, precious inlaid ceilings and its Mannerist rooms.
white concrete house near the trees

Kilometer of Knowledge

An unforgettable itinerary of beauty, nature and culture.
red boat near seashore


An iconic vacation resort in the northwest of Como
building near trees during day

Villa Sucota

One of the symbols of Como's cultural dynamism.
people standing on stairs


The pearl of Lake Como
white concrete building near body of water

Villa Monastero

A noble residence with strategic location and amazing views.
red train on rails between trees

Funicolare di Brunate

One of the most evocative corners of Lake Como.
white and brown building in distance of mountain and body of water

Villa Melzi

Picturesque gardens with flamboyant statues and decoration: a unique Villa on Lake Como.
photography of red and white building on the corner of the street

Palazzo Sola-Busca

The palace with the ear in Milan.

One of the great joys of traveling through Italy is discovering firsthand that it is, indeed, a dream destination.

– Debra Levinson