Wake Up Like This

Wake up to breakfast with a view on our most inviting terraces around beautiful destinations in Italy. Indulge in the iconic Grand Canal in Venice and the evocative Riviera setting of Portopiccolo, or a new perspective on the city skyline in Rome. Get inspired and take the opportunity to make your holidays extra special.

Amazing Breakfast Views

Find the perfect breakfast view in Italy

flat lay photography of dinnerware on table

Terrazza Danieli at Hotel Danieli

Breakfast with canal views

Wake up to unique views over the St. Mark’s basin in Venice. Observe the boats passing while indulging in an extensive breakfast buffet.

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white throw pillows on couch

Dandolo Suite at Hotel Danieli

Breakfast with canal views

Wake up to a stunning view from the unique Dandolo Suite and enjoy in-room breakfast on your private balcony.

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empty bistro sets beside body of water

Club del Doge at The Gritti Palace

Breakfast with canal views

Sit directly by the Grand Canal and indulge in an exclusive breakfast buffet featuring high quality ingredients. Starting your day has never been more tempting.

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buffet in concrete pavement

Cliff Restaurant at Falisia Resort & Spa

Breakfast with bay views

Indulge in the picturesque view of the Adriatic and the marina for your breakfast on this charming terrace while indulging in a rich breakfast.

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cafe table with on terrace near body of water

Executive Suite at Falisia Resort & Spa

Breakfast with bay views

Wake up to lovely bay views and enjoy breakfast in-room on your private terrace.

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patio table arrangement surrounded by plants

Villa La Cuppola at The Westin Excelsior Rome

Breakfast with historic city views

Indulge in an energizing in-room breakfast with SuperFoodsRx ingredients while indulging in an exclusive view over the city of Rome. Exclusively at Villa La Cuppola!

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white mattress and brown wooden nightstand

Grande Deluxe Suite Palazzo Vecchio at The St. Regis Florence

Breakfast with Tuscan hill views

Live an exclusive in-room breakfast experience in this majestic suite paired with views over Florence and the Arno River.

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brown concrete building during daytime]

Junior Suite at The Westin Excelsior, Florence

Breakfast with Tuscan hill views

Enjoy a rich in-room breakfast paired to stunning city and Tuscan hill views from this exclusive Junior Suite terrace.

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dinning set near window

Veranda at Cristallo Resort & Spa

Breakfast with mountain views

Indulge in a refined breakfast experience featuring homemade pastries, paired with breathtaking views over the peaks of the Dolomites.

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Costa Smeralda
white bed comforter on top white mattress

Signature Suite at Cervo Hotel

Breakfast with emerald sea views

Indulge in exclusive in-room breakfast on your private balcony featuring stunning views over the emerald beaches at Costa Smeralda.

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brown table in balcony

Villa Ambra at Hotel Romazzino

Breakfast with emerald sea views

A wonderful balcony of your private villa offering stunning sea views – can it get any better for your in-room breakfast?

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photography of bedroom set

Premium Suite at Hotel Cala di Volpe

Breakfast with emerald sea views

An energizing breakfast with lovely bay views – book your Premium Suite now and start your day like this on your private suite balcony.

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gray window curtain beside brown wooden armchair inside room

Villas Antas at Hotel Pitrizza

Breakfast with emerald sea views

Sit on your private terrace and enjoy views over the emerald sea from the luxurious Antas Villa while indulging in an exclusive in-room breakfast.

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Featured Hotels & Resorts

Browse our collection of unique hotels & resorts across Italy

The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice

Occupying a prestigious setting on the Grand Canal, The Gritti Palace was built in 1475 as residence of Doge Andrea Gritti. A leisurely short stroll from Piazza San Marco, the imposing palazzo awards rare views of Santa Maria della Salute.

Falisia, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Portopiccolo

Located in the spectacular panorama of the Gulf of Trieste, Falisia is the heart of the new luxury complex of Portopiccolo and is the ideal place to live a five-star experience of relaxation and wellness in a unique position, thanks to the breathtaking views of the coast Adriatica, a short distance from Venice airport and not far from Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Cortina d'Ampezzo

Complete relaxation, elegant cuisine, and natural beauty await guests of our resort’s refined facilities and fin de siècle atmosphere.