A Social Hub inside Malpensa Terminal 1.

The second airport in Italy for passenger traffic and the main hub that connects Milan with the world: our stories start from this place. More precisely, at Terminal 1, where the Sheraton Malpensa Airport Hotel and Conference Center is located, with its unique combination of innovative design and comfort in an innovative architectural concept.


Looking for a story behind every journey.

We wanted to overturn the concept of the airport as a “non-place” highlighting one of its main peculiarities: the crossroads of stories and emotions that crowd the gates every day and that live among the looks of travelers – businessmen, families in holidays , honeymoon couples, singles looking for an escape to an exotic destination.

After all, the journey is a long story and what is behind a journey often tells even more about us. For this reason, we asked three international globetrotters and content creators to tell us how they are preparing to undertake a new journey, sharing  habits, emotions and moods.


Gianluca Fazio - Content Creator

“Time optimization, relaxation, technology: these three keywords characterize my moods before leaving for a long journey. But what about confort? Yes, I admit that having at your disposal, even if only for a few hours, a hotel room a few steps from the Terminal where I’m leaving, helps me avoid uproar, endless queues and chaos” – says Gianluca Fazio, content creator and international globetrotter – “I can have more time to concentrate on the emotions connected with the destination I am going to visit. After all, this is the most important thing before every trip.”

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Nicolò Ughetti - Designer and Content Creator

“When I travel I look for new ideas for my work and ispirations for my Instagram feed. I pursue my visions without sparing myself and for this reason each moment of relaxation becomes precious” – says Nicolò Ughetti, designer and content creator – “A good meal, a rejuvenating SPA, a break to fix ideas and organize my next move: that is all when I stop at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa before embarking on a new trip.”

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Riccardo Casarico - Travel Influencer and Content Creator

“How many times we happened to get on the plane, sit down and breathe a sigh of relief.

Sometimes planning a trip for me is a real job” – says Riccardo Casarico, travel influencer – “I spend days looking for the best photographic spots, scheduling tours and activities, looking for restaurants. For once I wanted to enjoy the excitement of waiting before leaving, forgetting the chaos and stress. I enjoyed the tastes of Il Canneto Restaurant before embarking on another flight: waiting for the gate to open was never so relaxing…and delicious.”

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A unique combination of design, comfort and tastes at Malpensa Terminal 1

Meet the Content Creators